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Rap Maker And Producer Advice On Making Music

Looking to make rap music in your home recording studio? Check out all the the equipment and software to build a home recording studio here. Making hip hop music  can be a long process, and our team of top industry producers, engineers and artists are here to make your journey easier. Generating rap songs and great beats is part of being a hip hop artist, let us show you the rest! Building a large fan base and living from your music is easier than you probably imagined if you're willing to put in the work. 

Check out the best microphones for rappers

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Producers and rap makers know that making beats require a DAW software, and creating a song can be a difficult process as a rap maker, specially if you are doing it alone. Here we will post tips on how to make beats and how to sale beats online even if you are a new with instrumental making softwares! If you want to learn how to write rap lyrics and turn your head into a rap lyrics generator you can learn that here. Good raps and becoming an instrumental maker takes time, dedication and a lot of self-expression! So, lets get started by watching an interview with producer Hit-Boy;


Interview with rap maker producer Hit-Boy


How Hip Hop Artists and Music Creators Generate Lyrics And Beats Online


If you are venturing into the world of a rap maker and want to dive into the instrumental beats and the hip-hop industry, you must learn how to create beats with a beat maker. Of course, you should find out how to choose one. The best beat maker software will give your music the edge to take your music to the next level and sell instrumental beats.

rap maker in the studio

Rap Generator – Selecting a beat maker tool

As a song creator and rap generator sometimes you rush to get your beats out there. You may choose the first couple beat makers and rap song lyrics that you come across. Bear these pointers in mind before ordering one. The right software will make you a rapper that everyone will remember for life.


1. Do not use an online only  DAW software.

Make sure that you can install the software you choose into your computer. An online-only software is dependent on the speed of internet connections. You do not want erratic internet speed to disrupt your creative flow.

2. The DAW should be expandable

As you become better at instrumental making, you will want to use advanced software like Cubase, ProTools, Logic or other DAW. Make sure that the instrumental making software you choose as a beginner can complement your other plugins.

3. CD quality

Professionals who make rap and music creators like Hip Hop artists and beatmakers like producers, engineers should be able to work with CD quality WAV files. These should be 16 Bit or higher because that produces better sound quality. Some programs only work with MP3 sounds, which are of poorer quality, so look out for that when you are making music.

4. Easy to Use

The software must be user friendly. You will spend more time navigating the rap generator if it is too difficult to use instead of working to create a rap song. With that in mind, just like with everything, generating rap beats will take time to learn. But the point is not to go over your head and get frustrated. Every rap maker and instrumental makers I know had to take their time to learn and grow their talent and skills.

Rap Song Generator: Making Rap With A Beat Maker

Once you have installed the software that will be your song generator to lay down your rap lyrics, you can create solid beats that rock. Your brain should be a rap lyrics generator by now if you are practicing the advice we gave you on other page about writing lyrics and composing. Now back to the creating rap songs with a beat maker!

1. Start with basic software

Aspiring musicians are always in a rush to use big name software. They believe that such beat makers will put them on the fast track towards success.

Simple programs like Fruity Loops or FL studies can help you to progress towards making complex music loops. Remember that you can make creative beats even if the software is straightforward. Making rap music is about the creative vibes you get, not the software.

2. Use a MIDI Keyboard

A MIDI keyboard (a beat making keyboard) allows you to make different sounds without using a computer’s keyboard. Many of them have music samples that will inspire your creativity. You do not need to know how to play the piano to start using one, though the knowledge always helps.

3. Listen to beats made by others

Hearing the beats produced by others helps you with your foot-stomping creations.

Have a good pair of headphones. You will be able to sense a variety of sounds and blend them into your music.

4. Use solid drum beats

Rap music produced by professionals stand out because it utilizes heavy drum beats. Thumping drum sounds give hip-hop sounds their kick.

5. Merge them with the right instruments and effects

Create standout music with the right tools. The right sounds will turn you into the rap maker or beatmaker that you always wanted. When you learn how to make beats effectively, you will notice your visits to loop sites where you can download high-quality loops will turn out more profitable, as you will be soon selling beats online and selling good raps and lyrics to fans and artists. (Yes there is a big market in the music industry that you can be a part of!)

6. Use quantization

Quantization refers to sliding your notes to the right point on the track. It prevents the music from sounding off-key.

As a rap maker, Hip hop musicians tell beginners to turn quantization off when recording melodies. You can turn it on to the desired level if the music sounds bad.

7. Make sounds tight.

Get music loops that have extra flair. No one will buy your music if you just use basic drum loops. Download producer drum packs with head-banging high hats, snares, and kicks.

8. Use repetitive loops

You know that you are listening to rap music when you hear loops that repeat over and over. Use repetitive loops to give your music an edge.

9. Write a bassline

Write a bassline that goes with your loops.The bassline should enhance but not compete with them.

10. Optimize the track

Make your music sound just right. The drum beats should not overpower your instrumental melodies.

The Top 5 Rap Generator Beat Makers

As a beginning rapper, you will want to find the best rap generator meaning a DAW that fits you. You may feel lost about which beatmakers to use. Here are a few recommendations for beginners (Not including industry standard Pro Tools).

1. Dr. Drum

Dr. Drum stands out as a beat making software because it offers a huge variety of sounds. It suits beginners who have little knowledge of basslines or instruments. It provides high-quality sound samples as well. (personally the maker of rap songs who don’t use this tool is at a disadvantage. Its cheap and it’ll boost your sound and help you turn good raps into hit songs.)

2. Sonic Producer

This beatmaker comes with an extensive library of sounds. It will make your music unique.

Sonic Producer suits beginning rappers, but you will need to move away from it as you progress. The quality of the compressed samples is not top notch for beatmakers.

3. Magix Music Maker

Magix Music Maker is a program that has many loops for music making. The user-friendly interface will ease the minds of beginning rappers.

4. FL Studio Signature Bundle

FL Studio is an astounding program for rap musicians who are at an intermediate level. The high-quality loops let you mix, edit, record, and master professional sounding music.

5. Sony Acid

This program, like Magix Maker, has clear-sounding loop samples for beginners who want to produce instrumental beats. It also has an interface that is easy to navigate. Make catchy, hip-hop music in a heartbeat.

With some know-how and the right beatmaker, you will be on your way to producing music that rocks.