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One of the many questions people starting in affiliate marketing with the wealthy affiliate university have is: Is wealthy affiliate scam or legit? Here, I will attempt to answer that question for you from my personal point of view.

Wealthy Affiliate was started in 2005 by Kyle and Carson. Since then, the wealthy affiliate university and their community has grown in numbers. Kyle, Carson and the entire wealthy affiliate community communicate with new members in live chat, emails and posts. This not only adds transparency to wealthy affiliate, but actually helps beginners learn a lot quicker by asking the community any questions and avoiding common mistakes, which leads them to succeeding faster. Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit? Well, the company claims to teach people how to build an online affiliate business, which they do. The company Wealthy Affiliate also provides tools such as Jaaxy and others such as website builders for their members. 

The quality of the information and tools provided by Wealthy Affiliate university is useful and does work when applied. As they have many members who are earning thousands of dollars a month from affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam - Legit

When evaluating whether or not wealthy affiliate university was a scam or not, a few things were taken in account.

  • 1. Does it have a product?

Yes it does.

  • 2. Does it offer value to the clients/members?

Yes, and the Wealthy Affiliate network and live chat is extremely useful.

  • 3. Does Wealthy Affiliate deliver on it's promise?

Yes, as in terms of teaching you how to become a successful affiliate, which tools to use, how to begin the journey and how to monetize. However, whether you apply the knowledge and become the next success story, that is entirely up to you.

Wealthy Affiliate

  • 4. Does Wealthy Affiliate program actually pay their members?

Yes they do. I know there are a lot of affiliate programs who have strange rules and complicated payouts. Wealthy Affiliate has a good history with both members and affiliates.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam Results

After all the research and the countless reviews available online, the conclusion is that wealthy affiliate is not a scam and is in fact legit. The company does what it promises and many people are building successful businesses online. What I personally feel is important to know is, that although wealthy affiliate may teach the right information and the community may be very supportive and helpful, unless you take action and apply what you learn, you won't succeed. If you still have questions check our wealthy affiliate review. to find out more about you can start your affiliate marketing business online.