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One of the toughest parts of becoming a successful artist is often learning how to a create a song. Writing a song can be confusing at first. We will provide you with rap writing tips, how you to begin writing free lyrics and putting everything together and how to write songs. Before we begin any further, first think of why you want to write lyrics. To begin song writing , free your mind from any negative thoughts and let the creative process begin, if you want to improve on how to sing rap and learn how to write better rap lyrics. There are steps to writing a song and by the time our journey is done, you will have free lyrics, rap bars and the best of all, it’ll be in no time! If you already know how to sing better than most people starting out, this will help you. If you need to improve your vocals, we will also be posting vocal training exercises and warm ups.

How To Make A Song: How to write a rap song

Beginning to write a rap song lyrics can be confusing, specially how to write a rap song for beginners with no experience, but we’re here to help you create a rap song online! For starters, you need a producer. Hopefully a good one too, if you don’t know how to make beats. Why? The reason is because once you finish composing a song, you will probably want to record it. Artists use DAW, Digital Audio Workstation, to record. If you don’t have a producer and you want to learn how to make beats online easy and fast, but still professional, I think we can help! Eventually I’ll post a list here of beat production software that can help you. The Internet is full of free instrumental making software if you can’t afford ProTools.

Now, hopefully at this point you are starting to feel more confident

Learning how to write a rap song and create a song online that sells!

As a rap artist how to sing rap is the basic step. You need to have excellent flow/rhyme and delivery. But despite having all these things, if you do not have the kind of content that your audience can connect with, then this whole process is a waste of time. You need to deliver what people want to hear or what compels people in an artistic and creative manner. This means learning how to write a song. How to write a good rap song may or may not come naturally to you. The good news is that how to write a rap song is a skill you can learn.

Drake explaining his and Lil Wayne’s rap lyric writing process.

Free Lyrics: 11 practical tips on how to write a song and rap lyrics!

1. Don’t get stuck on the rhyme
When you think of how to compose a song, don’t focus only on rhymes. This is a mistake that most rappers make. They want to ensure that their lyrics rhyme on each and every line. This not only limits the content you can successfully input, but it also makes you sound like every other rapper out there. Try to mix flow and rhyme.

2. Determine the message you want to pass across
The best songs, especially rap songs, are those that are passing a message across. If you start writing lyrics without having a message in mind, you will end up just putting random words together hoping they make sense. Start with the message in mind then find creative ways to tell it through your lyrics.

3. Tell a story
There is a difference between passing a message across and telling a story. When you write your own music, one of the best ways to pass your message across is to tell a story. Make sure that your songs have a beginning, a middle and an end. Not just jumbled up words. Build a whole image of what your song is about and free lyrics and ideas will start coming to you about what you could write the rap song about.

4. Create a strong hook
Honestly, the one thing that most people will remember about your rap song is the chorus. Try to focus on creating a strong hook. In fact, if you can write this first, the better. It will set a tone for the rest of the song.

Rap Writing Tips

5. Brainstorm
Good raps portray a high level of intelligence. How to write a great rap song takes the time to think about what you want to say. If you find that you have nothing to say, take a break and find your inspiration. It is better to not write at all than to write mediocre lyrics free of inspiration and meaning. However, writing rap lyrics is a process that you need to develop. So in a way it is good to write every day, but it is important to know that not every rap you write should be recorded and released as your next single.

6. Write your lyrics down
Yes, you may have a knack for freestyling, but song writing is more poetry than anything else. Your lyrics have to stay in tune with a beat. Some of the most successful rappers write their lyrics while listening to the beat. This helps them to find the rhythm.

7. Don’t be afraid to get personal
Some of the most compelling stories are personal. Music and free lyrics writing could be inspired by personal struggles, achievements, fears or celebration. Do not be afraid to tell the world your story. This is how you get people to identify with your work.

8. Listen to the best rappers
This is not to say that you should copy their style, it is just to say that you should try and emulate their process. Try and see what was going through the mind of the best rappers when they wrote their songs. Look at the execution. This could be a source of inspiration.

9. Duplicate songs
After listening to your favorite rappers, pick one of the best songs and duplicate. Everything. From the beats to the rhymes and the flow. Once you have written it all down, switch their lyrics for your own, while keeping with their style. This will give you an in-depth look at their technique and thus help you develop your own. Using free lyrics to help you develop your style can be of huge help. Getting your rap flow more versatile is one way on how to sing better and sound a lot better on the mic. You will start to come up with your unique vocal style, flow, rhythm and feel free with your lyrics so that you can connect and experience the music as you are making it.

10. Try different styles
We all have our strong suits. But if you only stay in your comfort zone you will never grow. The best song writers listen to everything and get inspired when they write song lyrics. Try to be versatile and to find beauty in different things. It will help you with writing lyrics and it will grow and expand your rap style.

11. Don’t be afraid to start over
Don’t get stuck on trying to make everything work. If it doesn’t sound right, trash it and start over. Ask yourself if you are producing songs that reflect what you want to say, or ask yourself how can I sing better? How to improve your singing voice and how to make beats online are all things you can work to learn and improve, but whats important is to stay motivated. Just pick and keep the best parts. Stay focused and motivated and keep on improving your music skills.

Listen to the beat over and over until it gets stuck in your mind

Write free lyrics without restricting yourself too much on specific parts. When you are ready to record your song, memorize your song! You should also be able to recite your lyrics free, so you can feel them. This means you should recite your lyrics from your memory. This will help you pick out the mistakes and improve those parts that do not feel right. These tips should help you learn how to write a song better. Follow us on social media & share us to stay updated on our interesting and crazy life and all our tips & advice!!