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There are a lot of top music blogs out there on the Internet in 2016. But how do you know the best hip hop blog to stay on top of the best rap music and underground indie hip hop blogs that you can contact and get them to play rap music. If you are like many artists out there, you probably have asked yourself these same questions. We got you covered! We'll be sharing some of the top rap blogspot you should be reading to stay up to date and rap music blogs to submit music to and get exposure!  

​Best Music Blogs

​Top music blogs have had a big role in the success of many artists, bands and producers. In 2016, more and more hip hop blogs receive thousands of visitors a month and this has helped many of the best upcoming rappers gain recognition. Hip Hop blogs are a good way for you as an artist to stay on top of relevant news in the music industry and if you contact some of these blogs, they may post your music on it! If you haven't before, it's about time you make the top music blogs part of your marketing strategy as an artist. 

​The first list is the most important music blogs with news and quality content that will keep you up to date on the latest hip hop music.

Top Music Blogs You Should Be Reading

​I am aware that the last top music blogs list has an EDM blog, but they still cover a lot of good hip hop content. On top of that, as an artist, you cannot limit your sources of information, specially in the music industry. 

The next​ list of hip hop blogs are some of the rap blogspots I would recommend you getting in contact with to play your rap music, post news about your mixtape and even do an interview on you. 

Hip Hop Music Blogs

Hip Hop blogs

Some of the music blogs on this list were also on the list above. The reason for that is because the small rap blogs won't provide you and your music with enough visitors and exposure. For that reason, we are focusing on the best music blogs that you should invest time messaging and sending them your rap music!

rap blogs submit music

The hip hop blogs featured in this top music blogs list is intended to help you stay up to date on hip hop music news and to give you some places where you can jump start your promotion. Rap blogs offer a great opportunity for you to expose your music to new fans and to engage with the hip hop community. Take your time to formulate a message you want to deliver to your hip hop fans and develop a marketing strategy incorporating these new hip hop blogs. Don't be discouraged if some of the best hip hop blogs don't publish your music right away. Things take time. Build an image, build your fan base and network with rap blogs, this is a long term relationship. At the start, indie hip hop blogs and small rap websites can be a good place to send your music to. We've provided you with the top hip hop blogs to submit music and the best music blogs to stay up on current news. Stay tuned to our page because we will be updating the list and adding more content to help you build a fan base and market your music to the world!