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Rap Artist And Producers, Good Night!

By karanexclusive / May 15, 2016

After A Rap Artist Productive Night With Beats And Lyrics   So today was pretty hectic at the studio for rap artist and producers alike. Producers putting in lotta work hours and projects are getting done. Sometimes when I’m working on music and just free writing lyrics in the studio, rap artists get caught up and […]


Rap Songs And Writing Rap Lyrics 4 AM

By karanexclusive / May 14, 2016

After working hard on rap songs until 4:03 in the morning! Writing songs, fixing up lyrics, free writing and listening to beats for hours, tweaking beats software, its a long night. And Yes, still being in the studio with almost no sleep, yes, this is pretty much how artists and producers feel like… … but when you love […]