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Hi guys, today I’m going to talk to you about the benefits of SEO.  There are a lot of positive things about doing SEO to your blog or website. The issue is that many people tend to forget (or not even know about!) this. Many people create websites and blogs hoping to get a lot of readers only with their content (e.g blog post, page) without having to do anything else. They are hoping to make it big off of the content alone. I’m the first one to agree that your content is very important. But what many people forget is that you need people to find your website first! How else will you get people to read and share your content? That´s where SEO comes in! It allows you to optimize your website/blog in order to rank high in search engines (mainly google) and by ranking high in google you drive way more traffic to your site. There are a lot of benefits from learning about and applying SEO. Whether it´s for your own personal use or for a business, I have so much to say on this topic.  But lets get started so you can see the benefits of SEO for yourself!

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Here are the top 6 benefits of SEO:

1. SEO Will Increase Your Traffic

Like I said before, by using SEO you tell Google that your site is credible enough to be ranking high. Hopefully you rank on the first page (SERP), which leads to increased traffic to your website. Depending on what the aim of your website is, this can convert into a lot of money. With different reporting and analytical tools out there you can track your traffic. This will allow you to literally see how your sales go up. Talk about motivating!

2. SEO Is a Low Cost Marketing Strategy

Don´t get me wrong, you can outsource your SEO and end up spending a small fortune. But you don´t have to! You can learn SEO and apply it by yourself and you will notice results. SEO is all about making your website user friendly in order to rank high on Google (who loves user friendly websites). It´s not about the latest tech or anything that costs a lot. SEO is all about targeting users who are already actively searching for your product or service. Talk about a big benefit of SEO!

3. Your Competition Is Doing It

Chances are that your competition is already doing SEO to their websites, so you better catch up quick! Look at your competition and see what SEO tactics they have applied, and make sure you do it better. SEO is only getting more popular and more and more websites use it. If your competitors all use SEO, they are most likely ranking higher than you and thus making more sales.

4. Brand Awareness

People trust Google a lot, which means that if you rank high on Google people will trust your website and brand more. If you do your job good enough you may even end up being the authority in the field you´re in. You want your website to rank high so you get more exposure to your website, which lead to higher brand awareness. Target keywords in your niche and gain even higher authority by ranking on the first page for different search queries. Think about it yourself – you probably trust websites that rank high, and rank high in other related keywords because they seem more familiar to you. Another factor is that when brands known rank on top results, people associate the brands to one another. Therefore, if you are ranking among known brands who have established brand image and are known to the market, this will help you establish your image as well.

5 Makes Your Website More User Friendly

There´s a number of things SEO will do to your website to make it more user friendly, for instance it will make your text easier to read and your website quicker to load. Despite it´s name Search Engine Optimization it is more about the user than the search engine, so always keep that in mind.

6. New Customers That Will Assist Your Growth

Businesses with websites grow twice as fast than those who don´t, and you make that gap even bigger with the right SEO applied to your site. Target relevant keywords in your niche and see new customers coming in!

These are some of the main benefits of  SEO and I strongly suggest you consider SEO for your website or blog! It will help you rank higher in Google and get more traffic. Here you can learn more about SEO and how to do it yourself. I hope this guide was helpful, and please leave feedback below!