Join the journey of one of the most interesting artist currently living in Europe. Team Karan Exclusive joins with Top hip hop artists and Top producers to share their knowledge on how you can take your music to the next level. From how to write lyrics to how to make money from your music online in 2016. Stay tuned to Karan Exclusive for professional insight!

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Karan Exclusive is the co-founder of the recording company King Vision Entertainment based in New York City. The 28 year old hip hop artist is as versatile as an actor and model as he is clever with his rhymes. Karan Exclusive is currently residing in Europe.

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Join us, Team Karan Exclusive, as we take you in a journey into the professional world of hip hop. Our team will be sharing exclusive professional music production advice, songwriting tips and different ways on how you can make money with your music. Rap artists and beat producers have incredible opportunities to showcase their music and earn royalties with the Internet in 2016. We will be sharing exclusive insights from top New York City music producers, engineers, rap artists and more. Today you can take the first step to achieving the success you want with your music. We'll show you how.  

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Whether you are a beginning rapper or producer, starting out and looking for advice on which mic is the for recording rap vocals or a producer wanting to know which plugins and DAW you should be using, we got you covered. If you are experienced and you are looking for how you can make money from your music online, sell your music on iTunes and Spotify, we got you too. We'll be covering a range of topics, from artist marketing and branding to writing lyrics and techniques to help your creativity when you need to write a song despite having writers block. Remember, there are many new skills you will have to pick up and learn if you're completely new. The good news is that it's completely doable. You will need discipline so you can continuously improve your craft and so that you are current on the latest marketing and digital trends. Remember, in 2016, you are not just an artist. You are a business, you are a brand ambassador, you are a role model to your fans and you are an artist. Along the way to success, there will be different skills you will need to master in order to make the most out of your opportunities and give you the best chance of success.